I have found out one thing and that is, if you have an idea, and it is a good idea, if you only stick to it you will come out all right.

  • Go and dig to find what is precious. If you find something precious ,dig deeper.
  • Do not work for the money, have a vision of new order. An ideal,small or great, work for an ideal and just regard to money as an indicator of your success.
  • Do not be a man of greed only, combine your greed to have ,with the greater vision and ideal  to build,to order,to share ,  which already exists.
  • Do not create personal enemies, rather introduce your enemies as enemies of an order,moral,progress,development,concisely as the enemies of an higher order,which you represent.
  • Launch yourself as an agent of group,nation,generation,life style . Do not be seen just as a enterpreneur ,motivated by money and material gain only.
  • Be a part of a bigger organisation but do not be swallowed by it.Use his flag but keep your independency.
  • Find a no man’s land, rest your back on it and move in the vacuum.
  • Work hard,harder and even the hardest than all your rivals . But always work to build a vision,to create an entity and style as a result of your endavours. Do not be the servant of your greeds, ,your complexes ,your fears and the other people
  • Work not as a reaction and impulse, but work as a metaphysic response to disorder,ugliness ,and chaos.

 Have an ideal, be a man of decorum and build a grandeur.

  • Try to be simple, a man of result , a man of monumental simplicity.
  • Be able to say when you die :

      so little done,so much to do.