• Man rejoices in man
  • A kind word need not cost much,
    The price of praise can be cheap: 
  • The man who stands at a strange threshold,
    Should be cautious before he cross it, 
  • Who travels widely needs his wits about him,
    The stupid should stay at home: 
  • Of his knowledge a man should never boast,
    Rather be sparing of speech
  • Seldom do those who are silent make mistakes;
  • Evil counsel is often given
    By those of evil heart
  • A man knows less the more he drinks
  • Silence becomes the son of a prince,
    To be silent but brave in battle: 
    It befits a man to be merry and glad 
    Until the day of his death
  • Drink your mead, but in moderation,
    Talk sense or be silent:
  • To ask well, to answer rightly,
    Are the marks of a wise man: 
  • Wise is he not who is never silent,
    Mouthing meaningless words: 
  • The tactful guest will take his leave early,
    not linger long:
  • It is best for man to be middle-wise,
    Not over cunning and clever: 
  • Much is lost by the late sleeper,
    Wealth is won by the swift,
  • It is safe to tell a secret to one,
    Risky to tell it to two, 
    To tell it to three is thoughtless folly, 
    Everyone else will know
  • lt is best for man to remain silent.
  • Never open your heart to an evil man
    When fortune does not favour you: 
    From an evil man, if you make him your friend, 
    You will get evil for good.
  • Waste no words on a witless oaf,
    Nor sit with a senseless ape.
  • Never laugh at the old when they offer counsel,
    Often their words are wise

Selected from “W. H .Auden & P. B. Taylor Translation