• There is something for which the mediocre is insupportable : poetry, music,painting and public speaking.
  • People are so busy with themselves that they do not have time to penetrate and understand others
  • The modesty in merit is like the shades of figures in a painting, it gives them the force and relief.
  • The sage is healed from ambition by ambition itself.
  • How difficult is to be content with someone !
  • The people start by love but finish  by ambition
  • There is not beautiful excess in the world than those of the knowledge
  • It is grand misery neither to have enough wit to speak, nor to have enough tact to be silent. These are the reasons of all impertinence.
  • Man should speak good, speak easy, speak right and speak on time and conveniently.
  • With virtue, capacity and good execution man can be essential and irreplaceable.
  • It is not good and strong character which can not bear all the bad characters that the world is full of. Man should know how to change the money with gold.
  • The greatest things in the world do not need something than being simply expressed.
  • Passions tyrannise the man
  • There is only two ways of elevation in the world : one is by your own hard working, another is by the stupidity of others.
  • A coldness or an uncivility coming from our superiors makes us hate from them, but a smile and a salute can reconcile us with them.
  • The hesitant man is not a man but he is multiplied personality. He multiplies himself as long as he has new believes about new tastes and different maniers.
  • The physionomy is not a rule which is given to us to judge the others, but it is just a tool to estimate.
  • One of the marks of a mediocre spirit is a habit to tell non-stop.
  • After a discerning wit, the rarest things in the world are diamonds and pearls.

Translated from “Les Caracters ,Jean De La Bruyere, Editions Gallimard,1965”

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