Acta,non verba :  Deeds,not words

Audi,vide et tace: Listen,watch and be silent !

Debile fundamentum fallit opus: fragile foundation makes all structure collapse

Divide et impera : Divide and rule !

Esto,quod esse videris : Be as you seem to be !

Facta sunt potentiora verbis : Deeds are stronger than the words.

Factum est factum: The real is always real

Fides facit fidem: Trust breeds trust.

Functus officio : Do you own job !

Ignoscito saepe alteri,nunquam tibi : Forgive other very often but never yourself !

Imperfecta necesse est sublabantur aut succidant : The unperfect do es not last long.

Juncta juvant: Being in agreement helps.

Multos timere debet,quem multi timent: He who frightens many, is afraid of many.

Necesse est maximorum minima esse initia: The great is borne from the small.

Ne juppiter quidem omnibus placet : Even juppiter can not please all.

Quae nocent doçent : Which hurts ,teaches also.

Qui nescit dissimulare,nescit regnare : He,who does not know how to be silent,does not know also how to rule.

Respice finem: Care the end

Remissius imperanti melius paretur: the one ,who orders with softness, is obeyed better.

Aut viam inveniam,aut faciam: Either I will find a way or I will do it.

Diligentia in omnibus rebus valet : Diligence is worthy in all.

Durum patientia frangit : Conquer the hardships with patience.

Fac et spera : Do and hope !

Finis coronat opus: The end crowns the work.

Industriae nil impossibile est : To the hardworking , nothing is impossible.

Labores pariunt honores : The labours breed respect.

Labor omnia vincit : labour defeats all.

Ne differas in crastinum : Do not defer to the tomorrow !

Non progredi est regredi : Not progressing is regressing.

Amat Victoria curam : Victory loves the zeal.

Audentes fortuna juvat : Fortune favours the bolds.

Dicere non est facere : Saying is not doing.

Non licet in bello bis peccare : In war two times mistake is not allowed.

Si vis pacem,para bellum : Prepare the war, if you want to have peace

Unus vir,nullus vir : one man is no man

Ab une disce omnes : From a detail, I know all.

Non est loquendum,sed gubernandum: Not speaking but we must move forward.

Omnis initium difficile est : All beginnings are difficult.

Otium cum dignitate : Evaluate the free time.

Otium post negotium : Resting after working.

Primum agere : firstly , acting !

Quaerite et invenientis : Search and find!

Si sapis,sis apis : If you are clever, then be hardworking like a bee

Prudenter agas: Act with prudence !

Vigilandum est semper :Be always vigilant !

Famam extendere factis : Increase the fame with deeds.

Ad virtutem via ardua est :  Way of virtue is a steep way.

Tarde sed tude : slow but firm steps !