For centuries , the people who know “ L’arte du vivre” have preached the same principles to maintain a noble and autonomous life,which is the foundation  of  every human grandeur. Lets have a look to the core wisdom of Maitres d’arte de vivre.

  • Know how to respire deeply in times of depression and crisis,respiration regulates your blood circulation and your mood also.
  • Do some exercise in the morning,even if it is so short and start a day with an active and positive parole.
  • Walk every day a bit to assure that you keep your physical elasticity.
  • Have a vision of superior order of existence and morality and remind your self this ideal every day in a silent and serene meditation
  • Relax your self at least once a day ,letting all your body and emptying all your mind
  • Keep under control all your impulses,never be unpatient, angry,mocker with useless gestes and words which results losing your precious mental and spiritual energy.
  • Abolish all thoughts of hatred and envie,and Struggle to realize your dreams.
  • Stay calm,sit smiling,do not lose your self mastery even in times of depression,sorrow and worry.
  • Search and try to undermine all your bad habits,if you fail, do not lose your courage,reprehend your self ,rise and try again to walk to a a better you !
  • Taste all your small fragrences of life with joy and never disdain any of them, a nice walk , a well dinner,a flower, sunshine, a lonely tree, an admirable piece of art,a small poem or piece of music.
  • Do your profession with a joy and never wound anyone with your agressivity. Be in corcordance with everyone around you.
  • Examine what you have achieved during a day in a night and decide for tomorrow. Sleep calmly ,having a nice thought in your mind,smiling.

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