The managerial wisdom can be symbolised  as the  sculptur’s regard to the marble, performance of  chef d’orchestre, synchronising detail sounds of the instruments for a grand sound in orchestral scale.  Free from emotions,reactions and subjectivation, the real manager’s regard symbolises the highest mental approach of a sovereign individual.It is called as  desinteressément,which finds its excellent expression and practice in french usage,describing a sovereign attitude of nobility. Many executives,managers and CEO’s lost because they could not keep their depersonalised look on the things they handled.If you personalise things they depersonalize and devour you. If you depersonalize them, you will have a chance to act on them.   Depersonalisation of things,peoples and events gives you an insight of macromanagement. This inner distance from the objects helps you grasp the big picture. The leaders are big as much as how bigger they perceive . let’s have a regard to the 17 principles of the managerial wisdom.

  1. Have a vision about your future
  2. Visualise a big picture for your total balance even in daily matters.
  3. If you want to manage your life, first manage your visualisation and big picture
  4. Evaluate everything in your life  with their relation to your big picture
  5. Put every detail in your life in a meaningful contex inside your big picture.
  6. Do not personalise the things,peoples,affairs and events in life.
  7. Through depersonalisation,turn them into functions,energies and dynamics
  8. Get a functionalist regard for every detail
  9. Exploit their energies to make your big picture more colourful and vivid.
  10. Consider them as tools which will help you reach your ultimate goal.
  11. Do not behave them as things in itself but bestow them their meanings as much as they are meaningfull in your big picture.
  12. Wage a big war to be victorious in the end game , do not lose your senses and prudence in front clashes.
  13. Keep you always elevated so that you never lose sight of your vision.
  14. Act with the moment,speak with the day ,but think with the eternity.
  15. Make “sang froid” your inner nature.
  16. Grandeur lies in your mind’s capacity of controlling,classifying,labelling and regulating the all in your life.
  17. Do not believe in absolute and frozen realities,dogmas and facts dictated to you, Establish your world on the ever changing world of functionalities and dynamics ,related to your personal vision in the center.