Fencing is an elit sport in which you need mastering your thoughts,impulses,reactions, anger ,hesitation ,greed, and fears. Beside that,you need giving right decision in one-tenth of the second in an organised attack.Your defence and attack should be nearly instinctive if you want to win. It is not enough to have power and physical condition to win. You should have a perfect control on your energy for a victory. You see that many virtues of fencing are the virtues you vitally need in business and management also. Here it is the basic fencing principles which will help you to sharpen your strategical mind in business. Enjoy it :

  • Before executing anything, it is important how you situate yourself. Take the right position making a quick SWOT (strenghts,weaknesses,opportunities,threats) analyse: En garde .
  • Sometimes waiting calmly and make yourself forgotten is a nice timing to attack. Take an action as if you do it spontaneously as if it is a part of your natural position : Attaque d’immobilite.
  • Keeping your priorities in mind, orientate your self to a different direction so that the attention and energy of your rivals disperse and they give out their strategies. Then marche forward quickly : Attaque fausse .
  • Sometimes direct and bold action is the most assured way to victory. Be simple and direct. It will at least save your energy : Fléche .
  • Call your opponents and adversaries to launch their attacks ,showing them a controlled weakness, so that you can develop your arguments and strategies diligently : Invité .
  • The right timing of your action is more important than your strategy and power : Minutage .
  • Defense is important but staying in a defensive state for a long means that you are unefficient. So strenghten your defense with a quick contre-attack ,It should not be reactive ,but well devised and planned beforehand : Parade-Riposte .
  • Master your any tool which you will use in business management. Feel them as if they are a part of your mind. If you can not master the technics of business, you can not guarantee the results : Sentiment du fer .