• Do not waste your time with office politics. Best policy is the honesty and a good work. Be kind and try to do your job better that anyone, you wont need any policy.
  • Do not misuse your network for the short-sighted profits, when your network detected you misused them,probably you would have been a man without network.
  • Do not hurt anyone in the company if you know that you will continue to work with him. Otherwise you will have a potential enemy that will suck your energy.
  • Do not resist or react to other peoples fonctions, on the contrary ,use them to strengthen your position,argument and network.
  • Do not spend your energy to fight with anybody,on the contrary feed your self from their energies to speed you up for your goal.
  • Do not make tricky plans to gain more benefit in a short term. Do not forget,life is a long term,all your plans, if they are based on fictitious arguments,shows and bluffs will fade away like the soap bubbles in a long term. Your loss will be too much : unrecoverable time, wasted energy,damaged reputation and shattered integrity.
  • Life is too complex for the short termed politics and plans. Be wise ,do what ever you do for the eternity. You can deceive people, but you can not deceive the time and change your total reality. Your total success is related to your total sum in a long term. What you realy are ,is your fate- shaper in a long term, so try to be more than what you are ,if you want to be higher,stronger and richer.
  • We ,humans are too impatient and short sighted for the long term, but life works like a capricious master,doing his business slowly but perfectly ,ripening it with time.
  • Be wise and set the self improvement as your main and sole plan. All the other plans can fail with time,people,facts and paradigms, but self improvement will exceed all these obstacles and make your way towards greatness

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