Create a chain of small winning series for yourself .

Because winning and losing in the same way, condition the brain for the coming victory or losses ,shifting our thinking patterns . 

Set for your self moderately challenging targets 

because if you fail, your brain attitude will be badly effected. 

Celebrate your small victories .Even in small victories, winning cause a surge in testesterone level, triggering more energy and lust for the coming struggles. Otherwise losing or failure creating stress,increase a cortisol level and causes depression. 

Behave like a winner to be a winner.

Thoughts and emotions are triggered by postural expressions 

Create effective roles for yourself.

That will shift your perspective and your brain will create necessary energy resources for this. 

Firstly have a self control.

That will diminish the air of uncertanity about your life. This will diminish  your stress and decrease cortisol level in blood. Lower cortisol levels will help you have a larger view, lifting shrinking pressure of stress on your brain cells. 

Avoid the illusionn of control when you have the power,

because power skews the judgement and incites you to make wrong decisions. 

Try to do your best to manage your life and be in a mental rest.

Do not waste your energies for the things you can neither control nor predict.