Regulating our lives is a matter of regulating our energy. It is our quantity of energy which determines the size,power and capacity of all our action,which in the end will create our total life stories.

So if we can use our energy more efficiently,or if we learn how to increase it,that will change the character of our lives.Let’s have a look at sources of energy from which we can feed all our actions and decisions for our plans and projects :

Isolation : In our daily routine,we are sucked up by many stimulants which we hardly discerne. Mails,messages,alerts,faces,colours,voices,advertisements,noise of metropoles, all these factors absorb our energy without noticing us. Beside those,there are many inner worries,hesitations,fears,desires and obsessions which grow to a size,threating to  swallow our existence by feeding on our vital energies .

Today modern human is lost in a delirium of continuous activity towards which he submits himself passively and unconsciously. We do not know hot to stop ourselves and how to free ourselves from these exhausting circle which will end with the total burnout soon or late.

What we need is an isolation in certain periods. This is not a vocation. This is to know whithdrawing himself from all daily stimulants,emptying your mind,stopping your world circle .Physical isolation is a necessary condition for this ,but not enough. The essence of isolation is to know how to reduce your self to a nothingness, abolishing all your existential inflation for a moment which devours your energy day to day.  If you can isolate yourself from the stimulants external or internal,which create a negative aura with that you identify yourself wrongly,you will be left to your core essence,source of your vitality,so that all your energies will be summed up in your centrality for a moment,which will be enough to be regenerate and refresh.


We all  have forgotten what real thinking is. All our daily thoughts are some reactions to some stimulants.

We think that we control our thoughts, but we are dragged by our impulses passively. The real thinking,which we name as meditation is a way of active thinking on your self and the world around you. This will help you to save your self from useless stimulants,distractive thoughts. Meditation is a controlled thought,determined,oriented and fixed. That will also help you to regulate the course of your actions .

Objectivation :

We,modern humans,are victims of our reactions, desires and impulses.

Many times we do and act without thinking the possible results of our decisions. In many cases, we do not even decide ,just react and do instinctively. Objectivation is a virtue,through which we can visualise all the results of our actions from the perspective of high  and healthy reason. It is the key of all rectified life. If you manage your decisions, you manage the events of your life in a great extend.

Concentration: Exposed to million of distractorswe forget the meaning of concentration,which is the only way to act quickly,faultlessly ,saving our mental energy to ourselves ,enabling us to use it as we need. We can achive concentration creating a comfortable working ambiance,regulating our time and having a principle to do one thing at once and not doing many things at the same time.

Self-suggestion: We are conditioned and suggested by many stimulants,messages and information bombardments already. So why do we not use  self suggestion for the results we desire.

Self suggestion is a repetition of certain injunction mentally to implant a way of thinking in your mind which will help you in certain things ,dominating some contrary thoughts and saving your mental energy.

The most simple way of self suggestion is the repetition of formule mechanicly. “Iwill defeat all difficulties, I will be successfull or I will happy and prosperous life” are simple examples of these kind of formules. Self suggestion helps you to think as you need ,creating new neural path in your brain.

Transformation of your powers: Our life is quanta of power ,we absorb from the universe. We are great as much as we get more energy and we are getting less as the quanta of energy we gather from universe decreases. The fundamental power we have to operate on external world is our desire. Generaly this great force of desire is exhausted,unnerved and sucked by the objects,stimulants and messy thoughts. The power of desiring brings also the ability of visualising the desired object. When we desire something, all our brain concentrate on it’s characteristics and conditions other organes to mobilise themselves to reach the desired object.

Desiring something strongly is a first step to realise it.

So if we learn to dominate our desire and to orientate it towards a goal we wish to attain,we will have paved a great step in way of it’s concretion. Desire is an abstract object which is on the way of concretion. So we should learn to transform our mental power to visualise the world and future we want to have.If we dominate our energy, we will dominate our actions. So our actions determine our way of life, our way of life will determine our future.