1. Walk more quickly if you walk alone : if you should execute something new without support of others, execute it quickly !
  2. Every lost moment is a possibility of the unhappiness for the future : All the time you lost will cost !
  3. The labour is my element. I was borne and done for the labour. I know the limits of my legs and eyes but I do not know the limits of my labour : You should work harder than the people you lead !
  4. War justify all : War has a mobilising effect on any society ,no matter if it is right or wrong.
  5. Art of war is a simple art and an execution at all. The part of princips is minimised and nothing is ideologic there : In competition , the matter is not theory and ideology. It depends on how you execute
  6. As well as in the mechanics, in war , the time is the decisive element. : The essence of competition is the mastery over the science of the time management.
  7. All the art of war is consisted of two elements : a well devised and reasoned and extremely detailed defence ; audacious and rapid offence. : If you want to win a battle, you should be prepared and fortified against any counter-attack at first
  8. You can not learn fighting ,unless you go into fire . Art of leading is doing better and first ,than any of your men
  9. In war, as in the love, we must look closer for decision. The secret of winning is the mastery over the details.
  10. I order or I m silent : A leader should avoid useless speeches. All he says will be commented,discussed. So he should chose deliberately what he says.
  11. A man made for business and authority does not see any personality . He sees only their weights and results : A leader should not get stuck to personalities and affairs, he should evaluate people,events and things in their relevant  power dynamics. Frankly ,with their contribution to the result.
  12. You can not govern people without showing them a future (vision) , A leader is a walking hope for his people : without a vision, a future and a meaning, you can not manage,lead ,and persuade people.
  13. Man should not be both rude and feeble at the same time : Be kind, rudeness creates enemies, and if you are weak,enemies will be a threat seriously.
  14. The grand art of management : do not let the people get old : Do not allow your people get old in your organisation. Use the energy and charm of youngers and never spoil them with the cowardness and arrogance of the olders.
  15. Without justice, there is no power. Do not see your position,influence and your money as a legitimacy of your power. Your power lies on your integrity,justice and fairness.
  16. The announcements fade, the actions rest : People will care only what you do. What you say will be forgotten or be mocked at worst.
  17. The best policy is simplicity and verity . All the policies,based on the lies are folish and inglorious.
  18. The drafts are nothing, actions and behaviors are everything ! You can create rules ,but unless you follow them,all is in vain.
  19. I won my battles by the dreams of my sleeping soldiers : the people you lead must have a dream of your success forgetting themselves.
  20. Man should know to give in order to take : Generosity is the virtue of the highest
  21. The real sagacity lies in general in an energetic determination : The secret of the grandeur is to know how to give the right decision and how to stand firm and resolute after your decision.