Ein Machtquantum ist durch die Wirkung,die es übt und der es wiedersteht,bezeichnet. Es ist essentiel ein Wille zur Vergewaltigung und sich gegen Vergewaltigungen zu wehren.Friedrich Wilhem Nietzsche- Wille Zur Macht
What is life ? Life is an organized conscious energy which struggles to feed on other energies to continue its existence and to defend itself from being consumed by other organised conscious energies.  What is predator ? Predator is the highest consciousness in a energy eco-system who feeds on other organised conscious energies.

So predator thinking is a mental attitude focused on to feed on other’s energies to find ways to dissolve them, to catch them, to make them serve to his more complex organized, conscious energy systemThere are three types of energy :·        Inorganic energies·        Organic energies·        Emotional and mental energies

Predator way is prevailing in all these spheres in different life forms which are  classified as predator beings both as animals and plants.The most subtle predator form is the human ,who not only dominates inorganic and organic energies but also has some ways to use other’s emotional and mental energies for his own purposes through some ideological, philosophical , social systems and some individual pyschological manipulations.

Predator thinking is a new term designated to express most subtle way of thinking to be the highest form of energy in a social system. It is not a barbarious, bulliness or primitive extorting. Moreover, predator thinking is an individual energy management who feed on others energies but is not fed on by others.

All predators are hunters. The first rule to be hunter is not being hunted.  The essence of being a predator is high self awareness. Only after this self awareness a man can close the leakages in his energy system which others can feed , and get himself ready to feed on other energy systems, searching other’s vulnerabilities.

So there are rules for predator thinking . Let’s have a look at them:1.      Through a meditative self consciousness, having highest self awareness in a social eco-system.2.      A harsh critisism towards yourself  ,making a real personal SWOT analyse .3.      Starting to cure your weaknesses and abolish your vulnerabilities.4.      A diligent observation of the social eco-system, you are in ,and define all the other conscious energies around.

5.      Learning to see other conscious energies not as threats but as energy sources on which you can get advantage. ( mental shift from a hunted to hunter)

6.      Focusing on energy leakages and vulnerabilities of other actors in the system7.      Make a model of social eco-system with those actors ,in which their energies flows to you ,who is designated as on the center of the social ecosystem .8.      Always have a macro outlook-bird’s eye view- on the system, identifying maneuvers of the other actors and analyse your position ( ever renewing swot analyse)

9.      Minimising your ego as the strategy of reduction of view and maximising your speed and movement range as the other predators do10.  Be flexible,mobile, resilient,quick and easy adaptive

11.  Do not be seen as target but turn the social eco-system into your own existence after a long term elaboration

12.  Do not be reactive , because reaction is hopeless soon or late, but be proactive as night predators do when their hunts are asleep and not aware.13.  Do not stop, because locating yourself in somewhere means being a target.14.  Do not have routines, having a routine means leaving a track and if you leave track you can turn from hunter into a hunt.15.  Avoid from being predicted but learn how to predict others . It is vital to design a system.

16.  Learn to think like others, decipher other’s mental mechanisms and thought models to understand their way of action

17.  No comfort, no peace and no compromise, life is an ever recurring energy circulation.These are the rules of predator thinking which evades from exhaustion, deception, disappointment, exploitation,mobbing ,and being a victim.That is the way of every great architectural leadership,which founds companies, systems, styles, states, empires and traditions.